About Carsten

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Born in the country of the Krauts, I was brought into this world in Giessen, Hessen, Germany Locate on map  , and lived in Leihgestern (which was later to be combined with Grossen-Linden to become Linden Locate on map  .) I enjoyed all that my surroundings had to offer, but especially the North Sea  Locate on map  area. After spending a good 12 years there, my parents and I moved to Porto, Portugal Locate on map  where we lived three more blissful years in culinary and historical fascination. After these few years an opportunity presented itself to move to Canada and thus we packed up and left for the Great White North Locate on map  (over there in the West). I spent some time in Midland Locate on map  and Penetanguishene Locate on map  as well as Waterloo Locate on map  , and ended up here in Barrie, Ontario Locate on map  . I'm currently employed by Arris (which absorbed SeaWell Networks) in Mississauga Locate on map  as a software engineer.

Feel free to email me at carsten@schafers.net.